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Jumbie Jam

Jumbie Jam Pans are a mini steel pan with 8 notes on (G major scale) and are becoming increasingly popular with primary schools and younger children who are perhaps too little for full size steel pans.
They have a very clear, authentic sound and are pretty much flat pack - so very easy storage and easy to take out for performances. I am currently teaching Jumbie in a few schools in North Tyneside for whole class sessions. Although there is quite a restriction on note range and the result isn't completely like what you would hear from a full steel band, they are still very workable and can produce some lovely pieces of music.
I personally set them up as a desk top pan to save space but the stands can be adjusted to standing position.  I've found these to be a very good way to introduce steel pan to younger children to build their confidence up before moving onto a full size pan.
Each Jumbie comes with a book and CD for individual learners too although I don't use them in my session as I arrange for larger groups.